Defending Politeness on a NYC Bus

Select Bus #1273 heading north on First Ave this afternoon was packed. At 24th Street a dozen people wanted to exit, but a young man with a large suitcase was in the way. Politely, he stepped off allowing all to exit. Before he could get back on, the double doors shut closed and the driver started to leave. In the photo below, there’s a seated guy in the bottom left wearing a backwards baseball cap. He shouted for the driver to stop. One of his passengers had accidentally been locked out. With the Select Bus ticket the kid with the large suitcase could’ve waited. But it was hot and buses were running on the holiday schedule. (I myself had waited about 15 minutes for this bus) For some reason the driver refused to open the door, and also refused to drive. Someone politely explained the situation, the driver didn’t care. In a moment everyone was yelling in synchronicity, “OP-EN THE DOOR! OP-EN THE DOOR!” He finally opened all three sets of doors — the select bus is longer than most. He suddenly shouted that due to passenger behavior he was notifying the police. We all just sat there. In another moment, people began chanting, “DRIVE THE BUS!” Finally when all the cool air from the AC had drained out, the driver closed the doors and continued on. The polite man with the suitcase got off on the next stop.

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