On the night of August 24th, around 7PM as I’m entering the Williamsburgh Bridge, I see two cops at the entrance, a rarity & ask them if all is OK. “Just fine,” replies the lead. There’s a lot pedestrian traffic as it’s a nice night (this is an old pic). About 15 minutes, or halfway over the bridge, I find myself walking behind 2 guys in their 20s. One pulls out a water bottle & as he starts to drink, a skateboarder zipping the other way, smacks the bottle out of his mouth. As he turns, a 2nd Skateboarder wallops him in the back of the head. He catches himself in time to see the 3rd skateboarder & the guy knocks him down. The 3rd boarder, bounces to his feet & starts attacking the guy. A 4th, 5th & 6th skateboarder come in rapid succession & start pounding the two guys. It’s a skateboard wolf pack. I dial 911 & tell the operator there’s an attack in progress. In a couple minutes I see the 2 victims on the ground bleeding, the gang jumps back on their boards & proceed toward Bklyn. “There’s 2 cops stationed at the Bedford entrance of the bridge!” I tell the operator. “In about 5 minutes a half a dozen skateboarders are going to be coming toward them. They’re all in their early 20s, most are shirtless. If they hold them, you can get the victims to ID them.” I don’t want to call the operator incompetent, but it quickly turns into a Who’s on First Routine, Abbott & Costello Routine. Finally someone else gets on the line & I explain the situation to them & the 2 victims who realize I’m calling for them –one of whom is bleeding from the head. Finally I had the less injured vic my phone & he gives their # to the supervisor & they start walking east back to Bklyn. I can only hope the cops grabbed the gang & the guys were going to make an ID. At least in the old days, when this happened, you consoled yourself with the fact that the place was cheap.

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